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Must o Know Authenticity Of Car Odometer

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One of the important points when buying a used car is knowing how many kilometers the car is. But are you sure that the original kilometers are listed?

Not infrequently used car salesmen who dishonestly twisted odometer to raise the selling price. Plus, the number of cars with digital odometer simplify this process. Many wrong perceptions that odometer manipulation is more difficult because most cars now have a digital odometer.

5 Tips To Know Authenticity Of Car Odometer

How to detect a car that is not its original kilometers? Look at the 5 things below to ensure the authenticity of the kilometer of the car you are going to buy.

#1 Service Note

Checking a book or service note is the easiest way to ensure the authenticity of a car’s kilometers. When and where did the car last serve? Does it match its kilometer? Unfortunately many cars do not always serve in the official workshop or service note is not there.

#2 Year of Manufacture of Car

Pay attention to the year of the car. Does the mileage fit the car’s age? For everyday cars, the average mileage reaches approximately 20,000 kilometers per year. If the kilometer of the car is much lower than its age, do not hesitate to ask further to the owner of the vehicle. Make sure how the car usage pattern, whether the owner is the first owner or not.

#3 Interior Condition

Car mileage can we measure from the condition of its interior. Frequently used cars will show signs of usage that can not be hidden. For example you can pay attention to the condition of steering wheel and car seat. Drive the car after the old use will look dull and the steering surface becomes smooth (worn). In leather upholstery, the seat will also look dull and sometimes broke / peeled. Therefore, if the steering wheel or seat looks freshly replaced, you need to be more careful.

#4 Car tires

In general, car tires need to be replaced after the 35,000 kilometer car kilometers. For that you need to consider whether all tires are still original car if the kilometer of the car is still below that number. This you can do by matching the year of making cars with years of tires. If the car tire is not original when the kilometer is low, you need to investigate further because the tire is replaced.

#5 Former Lever (analog odometer)

This tip applies only to cars whose odometer is still manual / analog. To rotate the analog odometer, the person doing it must open / pry the dashboard of the car. Notice if there is a trace of congkelan on the dashboard, if yes this may be an indication that the odometer has been rotated.

The combination of the five things above can help you uncover whether the odometer has been turned back. To know more definitely, we provide professional inspection services with experienced technicians in viewing odometer playback signs.

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