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Characteristics of the Used Car Chassis Collision

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One of the most important parts of the car is the chassis or chassis of the car. The car chassis is important because the chassis serves as the main structure supporting other automobile components such as engine, transmission, and body.

Type of Car Chassis

Currently this type of car construction can be divided into two types namely composite and integral construction. This construction difference distinguishes the type of car frame.

Composite Construction: Car frames and bodies are built from two separate components. Car body mounted on a frame that is generally shaped staircase or often called a ladder chassis.

Integral Construction: the frame and body of the car is a unity. This frame is commonly called unibody or monocoque.

Feature Damage On The Car Chassis

When checking the car, there are two places where you need to pay attention to the condition of the frame, that is when checking under the room and the engine room.

Under the car, the location of the chassis can be found along the left and right body, and also under the rear bumper. In the engine room, you need to check the main chassis (located on the left and lower right near the fender), apron, and also the radiator support chassis.

Once you find the location of the chassis, make sure the chassis is free of any signs of welding or putty. Rust on the chassis also needs to be considered, because the chassis that used in the weld tends to become rusty. To be clear, here is an example of a collision chassis picture we found in one of our inspected cars.

What if the damage has been fixed?

Damage to the frame can be repaired, but the repair on the car frame is a big job and frequent repairs can not restore the condition / function of the frame back to the original.

If there is damage to the chassis, can be interpreted that the car has experienced a collision that can be categorized weight. This collision will generally have an impact on other car components. As in the car above that we found there is damage to the chassis, at the time of the test drive, we detected there was damage to the car’s steering system. Long Tie Rod rather than steering system has been damaged causing the steering wheel of the car is always leaning to the right.

Moreover, cars that have experienced a large collision will experience a price reduction that is far from the market if you want to sell in the future.

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