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Cara Flash Motorola (Moto G) Berhasil 100%

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in this tutorial I will show you how to install stock ROM on Motorola Moto G. It may be useful for branded devices to remove all the bloatware. Also it’s good if you mess to much in your ROM and want it to work as you would remove the device from the box.


DISCLAIMER: You flash the ROM on your own risk! Remember that after the process you will lose all the data, including apps, messages and saved progress. Before installation, you may consider doing backup using Titanium Backup (available on Google Play).

P.S. You don’t have to unlock the bootloader in order to successfully flash the system.

  1. Download following:
    • Official Motorola drivers and install them:¬†https://firmware.center/firmware/Motorola/
      Stock ROM of your choice and then extract: http://sbf.droid-developers.org/phone.php?device=14
    • Remember: “ds” stands for Dual Sim so better do not install Dual Sim system on Single Sim and vice-versa
    • Motorola fastboot and extract it in place where are all ROM files. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qurxaln5zfya6j0/mfastboot.zip
    • ADB (I recommend light version compiled by shimp208): https://www.dropbox.com/s/stgp6hce6r4e0iz/minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.1.3_setup.exe
  2. Stock ROM installation
    • Turn on the developer mode options Go to Settings -> About phone -> and tap 7 times”Build number”
    • Enable USB Debugging : Settings -> Developer options-> and check USB Debugging
    • Plug in Moto G to the computer
    • Boot Moto G into bootloader
      • Turn off the phone
      • When holding vol- press power button
    • If your rom is in tar.gz file, run “flashall.bat” from the archieve. The phone should reboot itself after the installation is done.

Be careful when you downgrade using tar.gz file! Using notepad, you need to delete lines 89-90 in flashall.bat and 120-121 from file flashall.sh (if you have MAC/Linux).

These lines are:

89-90 in flashall.bat:
CALL :fastboot_flash partition gpt.bin
IF %errorlevel% NEQ 0 EXIT /b 1

120-120 in flashall.sh:
run $fastboot -s “$serial_number” flash partition gpt.bin
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then echo “ERROR: fastboot failed.”; exit -1; fi

5b) If your rom is in xml.zip file, run installed ADB program and type:

adb reboot-bootloader


6) In Windows open the folder where you have all the ROM files and fastboot.exe. There hold shift and press right click in free space. Then choose “Open Command Window Here” or open Command Prompt by holding windows logo on keyboard + R. Type cmd and hit enter. Then navigate to ROM’s folder.
7) Command Prompt enter following commands one by one. Be careful to not make any mistake!

mfastboot flash partition gpt.bin
mfastboot flash motoboot motoboot.img
mfastboot flash logo logo.bin
mfastboot flash boot boot.img
mfastboot flash recovery recovery.img
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
mfastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
mfastboot erase modemst1
mfastboot erase modemst2
mfastboot flash fsg fsg.mbn
mfastboot erase cache
mfastboot erase userdata
mfastboot reboot

8) Your phone should now reboot to your freshly installed stock rom. Remember that first boot may take longer time than usual.

1. Does the installation of stock rom lock the previously unlocked bootloader?

2. Phone does not want to boot/stuck on bootanimation
Do wipe data/factory reset in stock recovery and/or flash the system once again

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